Basic HTML Tutorial

HTML Basics

Why Learn HTML?
A reasonable question given that there are so many different programs available today that can write the HTML code for you. However, these programs are not perfect and will often try to help in ways that do not really help. There are also new developments in HTML that may not be supported by a particular web authoring tool. If you are familiar with HTML and can understand what the code is doing to make your web page appear as it does, then you have complete control over the way the page looks and can make use of new features and correct problems that the web authoring tool cannot deal with properly.
And , perhaps most importantly...
because it is fun!
There is a certain pride and sense of ownership you'll feel when you see a web page that you created by writing the HTML code. There will be no doubt in your mind that this page is your creation.
Lets get started. It is easier than you think.

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