Basic HTML Tutorial

Basic HTML Part I

What Makes a Web Page?
A web page is nothing more than a text file that has been interpreted by a web browser to display both text and other multimedia content. Controlling the display of this content is done by using some special commands in the text. These commands are HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tags.
In this page and the pages to follow, we'll take a look at using HTML tags together with a text editor to create a simple web page that can be added to and expanded to become a full fledged web site.
HTML tags are composed of a starting bracket "<", the tag name, and then a closing bracket ">". The tags are generally used in pairs, an opening tag to indicate the start of some feature and a closing tag to indicate the end. The closing tag is identical to the opening tag with the exception of a "/" before the tag name.
For example, the tag to make some text bold is <B> while the tag to stop making the text bold is </B>.
If we were to add the following <B>Make Me Bold</B> to our HTML file, then on a web page, it would appear as Make Me Bold while the text following it would be in normal style.
But what is this HTML file that we are adding this code and text to?
Let's take a look at that now! What is an HTML File?
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