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BHP HTML Basics - Making Headlines

Using Headings to Organize Your Page
Just as we used the <P> tag to control vertical placement of our text, we can use the tag for a headline to organize our page into sections. The tag for a headline is <H#> where "#" is replaced by a number between 1 and 6. This tag is used in pairs, that is, it requires an opening <H#> and a closing </H#>
The effect of the <H#> tag depends on the number that replaces the "#" sign. Using a "1" will yield the largest headline and using "6" will result in the smallest.
<H1>This is with number 1.</H1>

This is with number 1.

<H2>This is with number 2.</H2>

This is with number 2.

<H3>This is with number 3.</H3>

This is with number 3.

<H4>This is with number 4.</H4>

This is with number 4.

<H5>This is with number 5.</H5>
This is with number 5.
<H6>This is with number 6.</H6>
This is with number 6.
As with the <P> tag, you may use the ALIGN attribute to set whether the heading appears on the left, right or in the center of the page.
The importance of a particular area of your page can be clearly indicated to your visitor by the size of the heading used. Try using a <H3> tag to set an overall title for your page with the subheadings set off by use of an <H4> tag. By using smaller size headings in your subdivisions, you can also indicate the relative importance of each area.
Although it requires a bit more thought and planning before creating the actual page, your visitors will appreciate your site much more if it is set up with a logical and easy to follow structure. This will also help to prevent information that you consider to be of great importance from being accidentally overlooked.
Grab the Code
By using the <H#> tag to set off headings of subjects in our web page, we can not only increase the visual interest through variation in the text size but also help our visitors to understand the organization of our material.
In the next page we will see how to use the <HR> tag to divide our page into sections.
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