Teaching Fitness used to be my actual job. But since the pandemic started, I've been teaching virtual classes in Zoom for free. In order to survive, I'm accepting a requested donation of $5 per class, $3 if you're low icome. Can't afford that? Let's talk about it!

Most students wait until the end of the month to do a one time donation via check sent to my mailing address or electronically. You're paying for classes you've already done. Not for future classes. Yep, this is all on the honor system!

If you attend more than 10 classes a month, you may prefer my $50 "all you can eat" plan. It includes all Zoom classes and access to to all recorded classes each month.


Here's my mailing address:
Roberta Bush
1120 Hassinger St #310
Honolulu HI 96822

Prefer the online thing?

I accept
Zelle to
I accept
PopMoney to
I accept donations via
PayPal to
I also accept
Venmo@Roberta-Bush-5 or to

Thank you in advance! Mahalo, Gracias, Arigato! :)