Schedule of Classes

Class schedule:

Schedule Change: No classes on Tuesday, Dec 7th only.


If you're a new student, please email me at least a day prior to attending the first class. That way I'll know to let you in. Questions? Those are fine too!

If you use the links, you don't need the room ID or password. If you go to Zoom and enter the meeting ID, you'll also need to enter the password.

Zumba Gold Monday Class - 10:00 AM

K-pop Pilates 11:00 AM

Meeting ID: 606 935 588

Password: Monday


Zumba Gold Tuesday Class 10:00 AM

Senior Strong Class - 11:00 AM


Meeting ID: 374 122 277

Password: Tuesday


Zumba Gold Thursday Class - 10:00 AM

Senior Strong Class - 11:00 AM


Meeting ID: 113 256 734

Password: Thursday


Zumba Gold Friday Class - 10:00 AM,

Senior Strong EZ Class - 11 AM (45 minutes)


Meeting ID: 852 3789 8527

No password


Zumba Gold Saturday Class - 10:00 AM

Zumba Gold and Gold Toning Combo Class - 10:00 AM
K-Pop Pilates - 11:30 AM


Meeting ID: 306 161 834

Password: Saturday

Class Descriptions:

Zumba Gold is a low-impact version of Zumba dance fitness that keeps all of the fun. Plan to dance, sweat, and have a ton of fun. Zumba Gold is geared to active older adults but everyone is welcome. You can expect a variety of music including both Pop and K-Pop.
Why try it? I do dance walk-throughs and even put up videos of dances so that everyone can do them.

Zumba Gold Toning is similar to Zumba but we use 1lb Zumba Toning Sticks that also act as maracas. Don't have any? No problem, come anyway! Our combo class mixes regular Zumba Gold with Zumba Gold Toning. You can do the whole class or part of it with or without toning sticks.

Senior Strong is a class that focuses on strength, toning, flexibility and balance. We use 2, 3, or 5lb dumbells. Don't have any? Try a water bottle (preferably full) or a few cans of soup. We do exercises sitting or standing. So a chair without wheels is recommended.

K-Pop Pilates isa beginner's Mat Pilates class. What makes this class different? Music! K-Pop music! No experience is necessary. A mat, a towel and a bottle of water are recommended.

Please discuss these class formats with your doctor prior to attending classes. If you have questions or need accomodations, feel free to email me at