Zoom Classes:
I teach on Zoom every day, 7 days a week!  Please check out the Schedule of Classes for days, times, Zoom links, and class descriptions.

News for April 2024:

1. There is a change coming to the Zoom class schedule. Starting April 4th, we're doing Zumba Gold at 9am and Tabata for Active Older Adults at 10am HST. Feel free to send me feedback on that. You can use the regular link you already have. The link hasn't changed. 

2. Spring Classes wrapping up

Our spring classes are wrapping up soon. Our Monday Ala Wai Park classes run through April 15th. McCully and Makiki classes wrap up in May. When that happens, some of those classes will return to Zoom and I'll try to find other places. Would you like the idea of having more classes on Zoom this summer?

3. Parks & Rec classes this summer

For our new people, City Parks host exercise classes with a Fall, Spring, and Summer schedule. You sign up for a 'semester' of classes. Unfortunately all of our parks & Rec venues are doing Summer Fun every weekday for kids. In the past we were allowed to use other parts of the park. Now we can't be on park premises between 8am and 4pm. 

Our only option for Parks & Rec this Summer is to use the park facilities on weekends.

We'll have a Summer Zumba Gold class at McCully Park in the huge, glorious, indoor gym on Sundays at 1pm. I think registration opens around May 19th. 

I don't know if we'll have the Saturday morning Zumba Gold Toning and Tabata classes at Makiki park because the entire park is chaotic. There's a new director who I think is utterly overwhelmed. 

4. Outdoor Venues possible for morning classes:

    a. I have a good location where we can have class on Monday mornings during the summer. It's a shaded area across from Diamond Head Tennis Center on Paki St. It has free parking and bathrooms that are actually clean. You can bypass Waikiki and take Kapahulu then turn left on Paki st at the Fire Station. Would you go there on a Monday morning? If you're interested in this location, please tell me.

   b. I'm scouting locations at Ala Moana Beach Park and Magic island. Free parking, bathrooms, etc. Would anyone come there?

   c. I've looked at Stadium Park (King and Isenberg). Their pavillion is an encampment of houseless people. But there's a large concrete circle with trees to provide shade. I was thinking of this for my McCully people because it's only a few blocks away. They have free, off street parking. I would only use their restrooms in case of emergency. Would you go there on a Wednesday morning?

If there's little or no interest, those days/times will go back to Zoom classes. 

5. Recorded Classes will go out to my subscribers tomorrow. Why? Because some idiot spent too much time trying to setup the VR headset on loan from the University of Maryland. My volunteer 'job' is to document challenges for people who are low vision/Blind like me. It's important work but it gives me motion sickness. Someday those of us who can overcome the motion sickness could do a Zumba class in VR. It would look like a cartoon-ish version of a real Zumba class. And we could all "see" each other in 3D.

6. I've completed my Osteoporosis and bone health Training. I'm a certified evaluator, trainer, and fitness instructor. I'm creating a class now. It's for people who have or want to prevent Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. The class will involve:   -- Bone-safe weight bearing exercises that won't destroy your knees if you also have joint pain or OsteoArthritis.

-- Strength Training because all of the muscles around your bones need to be strong to help support you.

-- Balance, agility, and flexibility because we all want to avoid falls of any kind.

Prior to the training, I thought I had a good handle on bone health but there's so much more and it's all pretty interesting. Because of that, I'd like to do a FREE Bone Health talk on Zoom. I can do the first one on Thursday at 11am. I'll try to work others and in person talks into the schedule as needed. 

During the first week of May, I'd like to start teaching Osteo-Cise classes on Zoom. I'll ask for your feedback (what hurts, what works) and modify the class until I have something presentable. 

Fitness and Technologies articles of the month

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Fitness Trackers - Pros and Cons 

I've used my Apple watch to track my fitness activities. Last Tuesday I've taught a Zumba Gold or Gold Toning class (and usually two other classes) for the past TWO YEARS. The watch made it easy to track. But was it a good idea? If you're a "Type-A" personality who seems to manufacture your own stress? Maybe not.

Psychology Today: Seven ways to escape stress